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About Atkore Northwest Polymers

Atkore Northwest Polymers is an industry leader in post-industrial and post-commercial plastic recycling. This leadership position has been established with a broad asset and experience base in plastic recovery capabilities combined with an extensive knowledge of the secondary plastics marketplace. 

This combination of assets, experience, and knowledge allows us to offer unique and comprehensive solutions for the designing, building, and managing of systems that transform industrial and commercial plastic waste into a sustainable, reusable, raw material.

We Value Our Employees

Our more than 60 employees are the key to making Atkore Northwest Polymers the company that it is today.

We Value The Environment

Since we’ve been in business we’ve recycled over 

Million Pounds

We Value Our Community

From working with local schools to giving to various non-profits around the state of Oregon and the world, Atkore Northwest Polymers and its employees value the communities that we live, work and play in.

The Contingent is an organization that we have a close relationship with. Please click here to learn more about what they are doing to serve vulnerable populations in the state of Oregon.

Takataka Plastics is innovating solutions for waste challenges that enhance a circular economy while creating jobs and a healing workplace for at-risk populations such as Uganda.  Atkore Northwest Polymers is helping out Takataka Plastics with engineering and technical support.

Our History

Atkore Northwest Polymers first established a position focused on the recycling of Vinyl and PVC. Over several years, Atkore Northwest Polymers has invested in developing a strong experience base and substantial “World-Class” processing capabilities for Vinyl/PVC – and has grown into the largest recycler of Vinyl and PVC in the Western United States.

Our Expansion

Atkore Northwest Polymers has expanded its capabilities to include specialized processing and solution based marketing of materials such as Polyethylene, Polypropylene, ABS, and Styrene.

VP MFG Operations

Mark Shuholm

Director of Recycling Procurement & Sales

Zach Shuholm


Ben Castillo

Accounting Manager

Angie Miller

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