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Boise Plastic Recycling

Recycling in Boise

Northwest Polymers – Helping Boise Recycling Grow

Sited in the southwest corner of Idaho, Boise shares a common regard for the environment with its near-neighbors in Oregon (41 miles west) and Nevada (110 miles south). But while the city itself has a healthy population of just over 200,000 people, it has a metropolitan population of 616,000 – the third largest in the Pacific Northwest region.

As the largest city in the state, Boise is clearly the biggest generator of domestic waste. But thanks to proactive Boise recycling activities, the strain on the environment is much lighter than many would expect.

Rather than introducing mandatory recycling schemes, the aspect recycling in Boise most championed by the city elders is education, promoting the benefits of paper, organic, glass and plastic recycling. And in emphasizing their encouragement, the city charges one of the lowest curbside collection rates in the country, at just $5.50 (2012).

Of course, the commercial and industrial sectors have their waste to dispose of too. Food processing and wood processing is common, as are technology firms like Micron, Microsoft and Hewlett Packard. So, between packaging and serving, a large amount of commercial plastic waste is generated each year.

The agricultural industry is no small player in the local economy either, with recycling plastic pesticide and fertilizer container a major environmental concern. Farmers around Boise recycle a growing number of these containers, with Idaho Department of Agriculture statistics showing an increase from just 9,000 state-wide in 1994 to more than 254,000 in 2011.

At Northwest Polymers, we’re proud to play our part in the Boise plastic recycling success story. But for us, plastic recycling in Boise is not simply about profit. It’s about going that extra mile to ensure all of our clients have the most convenient and cost-efficient plastic waste recycling service possible.

We offer Value Added Services designed to make recycling as simple, reliable and economically worthwhile as possible. We pay our selling clients the most competitive rates, and charge the fairest recycled plastic resin prices to our buying clients, whose supply of recycled resins and specialty polymers mean they can manufacture affordable second-generation plastic products.

City of Boise recycling website

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