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California Plastic Recycling

Northwest Polymers – Leading the California Plastics Recycling Drive

California has long been one of the leading states when it comes to taking steps to improve the environment. As far back as 1990, when ‘Green’ was becoming a popular concept and gripping the public imagination, the California state government set up the California Integrated Waste Management Board and began to educate the public on California recycling services.

The state government also mandated their municipalities to reduce their waste by a quarter within 5 years, and by half in 10 years. By the 5th year, Californians had achieved their 25% target, and were recycling 80% of their aluminum soft drinks cans – one of the highest rates in the nation. By the turn of the century, even further progress had been made.

It was amid these changing times that Northwest Polymers was established, specifically to provide the commercial and industrial sectors with a route towards cost-efficient and effective recycling in California.

Many of our first clients have stuck with us since our earliest days in 2003, and through our quality services – both to selling and purchasing clients – we have seen our state-wide activities prosper.

Helping You Meet CalRecycle Standards

Perhaps now, more than ever, commercial and industrial sectors need to find the most reliable and affordable way to dispose of their waste and scrap plastic. This is because in January 2012, the Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) adopted the Mandatory Commercial Recycling Regulation, making it compulsory for the commercial sector to make use of recycling facilities.

This new law effects businesses that generate more than 4 cubic yards of commercial solid waste per week, who must subscribe to recycling services to help reduce the pressure on landfill facilities. Essentially, for every business in the state of California, ‘recycle’ is now a key part of their obligations – not a choice.

Northwest Polymers already has the infrastructure to ensure that services in waste plastic recycling in California reach the highest levels of efficiency. This is because we do more than simply recycle plastic.

We offer the complete logistical service that ensures the minimum of inconvenience caused to you. We will pick up the plastic you no longer need or want, so you have nothing to do but receive our check.

California Recycling Cities

Los Angeles Recycling

Los Angeles California is well known for its recycling habits. We are proud to be Los Angeles plastic recycling premier choice.

San Diego Recycling

San Jose Recycling

San Francisco Recycling

Fresno Recycling

Sacramento Recycling

Long Beach Recycling

Oakland Recycling

Bakersfield Recycling

Anaheim Recycling

Santa Ana Recycling

Riverside Recycling

Stockton Recycling

Chula Vista Recycling

Fremont Recycling

Irvine Recycling

San Bernardino Recycling

Modesto Recycling

Oxnard Recycling

Fontana Recycling

Moreno Valley Recycling

Glendale Recycling

Huntington Beach Recycling

Santa Clarita Recycling

Garden Grove Recycling

Santa Rosa Recycling

Oceanside Recycling

Rancho Cucamonga Recycling

Ontario Recycling

Lancaster Recycling

Elk Grove Recycling

Palmdale Recycling

Corona Recycling

Salinas Recycling

Pomona Recycling

Torrance Recycling

Hayward Recycling

Escondido Recycling

Sunnyvale Recycling

Pasadena Recycling

Orange Recycling


State of California recycling website http://www.calrecycle.ca.gov/

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