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Casper Plastic Recycling

Casper Recycling

Northwest Polymers – Adding to Casper Recycling Progress

The city of Casper may not be a metropolis of New York proportions, but it boasts an activity rate in environmental issues that the largest cities would be proud of. Indeed, even with a population of just 55,000, Casper is the second-largest city in Wyoming behind state capital Cheyenne. But, Casper recycling is a leading example in the state.

It is not hard to understand why, with the city situated in a historically significant and scenically beautiful part of central Wyoming, on the banks of the North Platte River and in the shadow of Casper Mountain.

Casper’s recycling activities have been ongoing for almost 20 years, with commercial and residential waste recycling schemes now involving nine recycling depots dotted around the city. There are also numerous community clean up projects, not least the Platte River Revival project which involved hundreds of volunteers.

Figures for 2010 prove that recycling in Casper has been strong, with 1,160 tons of cardboard, 750 tons of newspapers and 77 tons of plastic (to name just three categories) all sent to recycling centers that year.

But, the fact that the mining and petroleum industries are so prominent in Casper’s economy means that there is a large degree of plastic scraps and waste for both the city and individual companies to dispose of too.

This is where our Value Added recycling services have made such a difference to Casper’s waste management plans, allowing businesses in Casper recycle their plastics safely, assuredly and cost-efficiently.

For the past decade, we have been doing our bit to ensure that our clients meet their environmental responsibilities. We buy, collect and recycle their unwanted plastic drums, tubs, trays and barrels, producing a range of 14 recycled plastic resins, as well as specialty polymers, which we then supply to manufacturers to produce second-generation plastic products.

Plastic recycling in Casper has been growing steadily in recent years, are the city’s forward thinking is a key aspect of the state’s overall environmental efforts.

And at Northwest Polymers, we’re proud to go that bit further to help enhance the recycling progress being made. And we do, by making waste plastic disposal and recycling as easy and accessible for industry and commerce as possible.

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