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Colorado Plastic Recycling

Colorado Recycling

Northwest Polymers – Providing the Services to Help Colorado Recycling Grow

With the mere mention of Colorado, the great outdoors comes flooding into mind. Who can blame us with the Southern Rockies dominating the western half of the state, and the Colorado plain the eastern half, and the great Colorado River flowing through the north. With words like clean, fresh and green associated with Colorado, recycling seems a natural addition to the list.

Colorado is a state filled with variety, whether it is the landscape or the climate. The economy varies too, with mining and agriculture two of the biggest, while military, food processing, and oil and gas refining are big employers too. In fact, Colorado has 7 of the 100 largest gas fields, and 2 of the 100 largest oil fields in the country.

With all of this industrial activity flying in the face of the ‘green’ image of the state, little wonder recycling in Colorado is enjoying steady growth, with the state had a landfill diversion rate boasting 36% according to 2009 figures, with 15% (1.5 million tons) recycled.

With the consumption of plastic in the commercial and industrial sectors quite high and the diversion rate growing too, the total amount of glass and plastic waste diverted from landfills has room to increase – just 54,000 tons in 2009.

For a decade now, Northwest Polymers has been providing recycling services to commercial and industrial clients, collecting and recycling their unwanted plastic scraps and processing them according to their plastic resins at our state-of-the-art recycling facility in Oregon.

We have developed a Value Added service that has successfully cut away both the logistics and expense associated with plastic waste management, and has made it easier for companies to dispose of their plastic.

What is more, we are perfectly placed to help commercial and industrial companies in Colorado recycle their plastics too.

As one of the most accomplished recycling companies in the region, Northwest Polymers is proud to have contributed to the growth of plastic recycling throughout the western US and Canada.

And with room for plastic recycling in Colorado to grow, and we are looking forward to playing our part here too.

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