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Denver Recycling

Denver Plastic Recycling

Northwest Polymers – Supporting Denver Recycling Initiatives

Denver is situated in one of the most beautiful areas of the country, so it’s only obvious that Denver recycling efforts have been designed to keep it that way – especially with waste from a metropolitan population of 2.5 million people, and thriving commercial and industrial sectors, to contend with.

In fact, the city planners have long had a nurturing attitude towards the environment, both inside the city limits and its surrounding areas. Numerous new urban parks have been developed along the Platte River through the city, with several establish parks – not least Bluff Lake Nature Center – having been redeveloped. In 2001, their work on the Greenway Project was hailed as one of the best urban reclamation projects in the country.

Of course, recycling in Denver is played a major part in beautifying urban living. City recycling figures show that many of the residential neighborhoods have more than a 80% curbside recycling participation rate, with Stapleton (93%), Wellshire, Hilltop and Lowry Field (all 86%) the biggest.

Figures show the city collected some 26,000 tons of recyclable materials in 2007, while in April 2011; Denver expanded its curbside recycling program to include rigid plastic items – with 9.8% of the city’s residential waste estimated to be plastic.

The motives why residents and businesses in Denver recycle may differ a little, whether to enhance the city’s Green reputation or simply to comply with local law, but both have contributed greatly to the success of Colorado’s environmental plan.

At Northwest Polymers, we’re contributing our expertise to the commercial and industrial sectors, helping them to achieve their ‘Green’ targets. Through our Value Added service, disposal and recycling of unwanted plastic is simpler, more reliable and more cost-effective than ever before.

That’s because businesses can be sure of responsible plastic waste management, as well as a dramatic reduction in waste disposal costs and increased revenue.

Our buying clients, meanwhile, can be certain of a supply of high grade recycled plastic resins and specialty polymers to manufacture their range of second-generation products.

At Northwest Polymers, we’re proud to pledge our continuing support to plastic recycling in Denver, and to do our bit to ensure a cleaner future for the city’s citizens – young and old.

City of Dever recycling website

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