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Idaho Plastic Recycling

Idaho Recycling

Northwest Polymers – Playing Our Part in Furthering Idaho Recycling

There is no doubt that Idaho is one of the most environmentally aware states in the US. It has 30 state parks – including the first to open in the Pacific Northwest, Heyburn State Park, more than a century ago – as well as wildlife refuges, national recreation areas and conservation areas.

Perhaps that is only to be expected since Idaho is predominantly a rural state, but the fact that it is also counted amongst the 10 Greenest States in the country highlights how highly Idaho recycling initiatives are considered.

Perhaps more impressive is the fact that this has been achieved despite the absence of a State recycling mandate. Instead, Idahoans have embraced recycling naturally, with the government concentrating on educational and promotional efforts.

A 2003 report, meanwhile, showed that Idahoans were already diverting more than 27,000 tons of industrial, commercial and domestic waste annually from landfills in the state.

Industrial waste disposal and recycling in Idaho has been something of a success story, with hazardous waste production falling steadily in recent years. According to Idaho Department of Environmental Quality figures, in 2011, the state generated 4,627 tons, down from 8,804 tons in 2006.

But of course, it is not just a matter of diverting hazardous waste from landfills. At Northwest Polymers, we do our utmost to enhance these environmental efforts by offering our commercial and industrial clients in Idaho recycle services that ensure the disposal of plastic waste is responsible, convenient and cost-effective.

We collect their unwanted plastic trays, tubs, crates and packaging, we help them live up to their promise to be a team player in the push for a ‘greener’ community.

These plastics are processed in our state-of-the-art recycling facility in Molalla, Oregon, creating high quality recycled plastic resins for supply to manufacturers of second-generation plastic products, at competitive market prices.

For more than a decade, Northwest Polymers has been taking the complexity out of environmental compliance, removing both the logistical worries and disposal costs that companies can face.

And with the growing rate of plastic recycling in Idaho, the pristine beauty of ‘The Gem State’ will last that much longer.

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