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Nevada Plastic Recycling

Northwest Polymers – Aiding Nevada Recycling Boost Economy and Environment

To census officials, Nevada must be one of the most interesting states in the US. It was the fastest growing for about 70 years, growing by 2.6 million between 1940 and 2010. The chief cause, of course, was the development of Las Vegas.

Known more for its desert expanse, Nevada was hardly expected to have any population-related issues, but when the number living there hit the 1 million mark, the state began to apply a plan to manage waste generation better – though population density dictates only 5 counties are required to facilitate Nevada recycling.

In 1991, the state set a goal of recycling 25% and while individual counties are exceeding that figure (Douglas 34%, Washoe 30%, Carson City 29.6%), figures in 2009 show that Nevada has a 20.3% recycling rate, with plastic waste accounting for just 3% of the waste recycled.

That percentage represents 695,000 tons, but the future of recycling in Nevada looks even better. In recent years, single-stream recycling programs have enjoyed great success, with some counties seeing recycling rates grow from 3% to 25%.

Northwest Polymers has spent the last 10 years perfecting its recycling service and with it, the future of commercial and industrial plastic recycling is equally promising. While making a contribution to a cleaner, greener world is a definite motive for businesses, responsible plastic recycling in Nevada, is also hugely beneficial to the local economy.

Through our Value Added service, which takes expert care in the disposal of our clients’ plastic scraps, we turn unwanted trays, barrels, tubs, piping and packaging first into revenue, then into into high grade recycled plastic resins which is then sold on to manufacturers in whatever form most convenient to them – pellet, regrind and pulverized.

In this respect, we at Northwest Polymers are playing a substantial role in promoting responsible waste management, a cleaner environment, lessening pressure on landfills, encouraging manufacturers of recycled plastic products, and improving the retail sector too.

We are proud to provide a cost-efficient and effective service that ensures when businesses in Nevada recycle, everyone wins.

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