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Oregon Recycling

Plastic Recycling in Oregon

Northwest Polymers – Serving Oregon to Enhance Its Green Status

The state of Oregon is famed for its scenic beauty and clean air, but the realities of modern living means that even here, a proactive attitude towards recycling has had to be applied. In fact, Oregon recycling has been a leading light, with the state being the first to introduce a law regarding recycling plastic bottles.

And, the state has gone from strength to strength. In 2003, the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality reported that 27% of all rigid plastic containers – including bottles, cups, tubs and pails – were recycled in the state, a figure that beat the mandatory percentage rate by 2%.

The enthusiasm for recycling in Oregon means that figure has increased over the years. In 2007, an estimated 20,000 tons of rigid plastic containers were recycled in the state – the highest amount to date – representing 30% of the overall plastic sold.

Growing awareness of the benefits of plastic recycling has seen individuals managing their domestic waste and businesses managing the commercial and industrial waste strive to make a difference in the landfill and environmental issues presented by plastic.

For almost a decade, Northwest Polymers has been playing a leading role in the promotion of responsible plastic recycling in Oregon, as well as the promotion of second generation plastic products through our supply of high quality recycled plastic in pellet, regrind and pulverized forms.

In fact, with a state-of-the-art recycling facility in Molalla, Oregon, we reach out to 10 cities and municipalities in the state, including the largest cities of Portland, Eugene, Salem, Gresham and Hillsboro.

And with a customer service that involves collecting waste plastic from selling clients, and shipping to purchasing clients, we ensure that Oregon recycle translates to Oregon benefits

At Northwest Polymers, we are proud of our integral part in maintaining Oregon’s status as a leading example of environmentally proactive and progressive activities. Through our services, waste is turned to revenue, cost-efficient recycled plastic is supplied to manufacturers, and our environment is made all that bit cleaner.

Please see the list below for more info on specific cities in Oregon.

Portland Recycling

Portland oregon is well known for its recycling habits. In fact more than 90% or Portland Oregon households participate in curbside recycling. We are proud to be Portland’s plastic recycling staple.

Portland Oregon has been a huge participant in recycling plastic. See link for more info on plastic recycling in Portland.

Eugene Recycling

Salem Recycling

Gresham Recycling

Hillsboro Recycling

Beaverton Recycling

Bend Recycling

Medford Recycling

Springfield Recycling

Corvallis Recycling

State of Oregon recycling website

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