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Reno Plastic Recycling

Northwest Polymers – Proud to Contribute to Reno Recycling

Known as ‘The Biggest Little City in the World’, the city of Reno has a character all of its own. Las Vegas may be the biggest city in the state of Nevada, and Carson City the capital, but Reno boasts more than 225,000 residents and a metropolitan population of just under 700,000. With the resulting domestic waste alone in Reno, recycling is essential.

But life in Reno is not just urban, with the stunning scenery of the Sierra Nevada to the west, and the arid wilderness of the Great Basin to the east. And between water skiing on Lake Tahoe, windsurfing on Lake Washoe, and skiing at one of the 18 ski resorts in the Sierra Nevada, there is no shortage of outdoor recreation for citizens either.

Perhaps it is this love of outdoors activities, and the environment they take place in, that has helped recycling in Reno become so successful. Washoe County, in which Reno is situated, enjoys a 30% recycling rate, according to state figures, beating Nevada’s goal by 5%.

The success is hardly surprising. Reno’s curbside recycling scheme has been underway for years, but the recent switch of single-stream recycling has seen a major increase in household participation. Commercial plastic recycling, meanwhile, is being supported by a number of large scale retailers who provide plastic bags collection points for recycling at their stores.

Businesses in Reno recycle knowing the vital part they are playing in improving the environment. At Northwest Polymers, we’re glad to be able to support their efforts by providing plastic recycling services designed to make life easy for them.

How we do this is simple. Our Value Added service offers more to our clients by makes waste plastic disposal and recycling simple, reliable and cost-efficient. All Reno businesses need to do is contact us, and we will arrive to pick up their unwanted plastic trays, barrels, tubs and packaging and transport it to our state-of-the-art recycling center in Oregon.

And, because our recycling process is of the highest industry standard, and the resulting recycled plastic resins are supplied to manufacturers, you can be sure plastic recycling in Reno benefits more than just the environment.

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