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Salt Lake City Plastic Recycling

Recycling in Salt Lake City

Northwest Polymers – Benefiting Salt Lake City Recycling Efforts

As the capital of Utah, Salt Lake City has long been a center for economic growth in the region. While the mining and processing industries of the past may have fallen in significance in recent years, the chemical and (most particularly) tourism industries remain key part of the local economy. And with such a contrast between the two, conserving the natural beauty of the locality through proactive Salt Lake City recycling programs, is clearly essential.

Tourism is so important that the facilities and infrastructure in the city were good enough to host the 2002 Winter Olympic Games – in fact, the state has had the slogan (officially and unofficially) “The Biggest Snow on Earth”, since the 1960s.

Other key employment sectors are government, trade, and financial, professional and business services, with some key employers including eBay, Unisys and Telarus, and most significantly, Huntsman Corporation. In the city proper, where its retail and commercial sectors are based, around one-third of the city’s population is found working every day – an estimated 315,000 people.

With all of this in mind, there can be little wonder that the city is considered a hive of activity, and obviously produces its share of waste. Recycling in Salt Lake City, therefore, is hugely important, but not just as a way to safely dispose paper, compostable, glass or metal waste.

A variety of waste plastics is also created, and recycled. In fact, according to the EPA, over 12% of the total municipal solid waste produced in the state of Utah is plastic.

But disposal of this plastic does not have to be either costly or difficult – which is why we at Northwest Polymers have added our expertise to Salt Lake City recycle initiatives.

By collecting a full range of scrap plastics, we remove what is environmentally harmful from the landfill heap at no expense to the local businesses. And once it is recycled into specific recycled plastic resins, it can then be sold as cost-effective raw material back to clients manufacturing second-generation plastic products.

Plastic recycling in Salt Lake City is growing. Through our complete logistical service, ensuring that from collection to reprocessing to resupply, the highest industry standards are applied, Salt Lake City can enjoy the maximum benefits recycling can provide.

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