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Utah Plastic Recycling

Utah Recycling

Northwest Polymers – Utah Recycling

To those of you in the know, Utah state has some of the most spectacular scenery in the US, so in Utah, recycling in understandably considered important. The south of Utah, in particular, is striking, with the iconic Western landscape of Monument Valley in the south east, the wonders of Zion National Park in the south, and Bryce Canon National Park in the south west.

Of course, the stunning beauty of the Great Salt Lake itself in the north, overlooked by the Wasatch mountain range to the east – rich with some of the finest slopes for skiing and snowboarding in the US – cannot be forgotten either.

And it is from an appreciation of the environment around them that citizens and companies alike have been compelled to adopt organized programs of recycling in Utah. The formation of the Recycling Coalition of Utah has led to greater awareness of the benefits of turning domestic and commercial waste over to be recycled – with plastic a major share of that waste.

In a report published by the Utah Department of Environmental Quality in 2011, some 448,000 tonnes of waste plastic was generated within the state in 2010, an increase of 64,000 tonnes from 2005.

Included in that increase in Utah, recycle is now a bye-word to responsible business, with a growing variety of sectors selling their plastic scraps for recycling. And that is where Northwest Polymers has made its contribution.

We have made it our business to convert the old and unwanted plastic trays and crates found in retail stock yards, the plastic piping on construction sites, and so many of the scrap plastic shavings and pieces from manufacturing plants.

Our Value Added Service means that all of our clients receive much more than simply a recycling service, but the highest levels of logistical services too to make sure their waste disposal is kept completely headache-free.

Through our dedicated services, plastic recycling in Utah is now more cost-effective, more convenient and more rewarding than ever before – not just in terms of the reduction of landfill space used, but also in the conservation of one of the most stunningly scenic states in US.

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