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Wyoming Plastic Recycling

Northwest Polymers – Helping Wyoming Recycling Take Root

Wyoming is a state of contrast: it is one of largest states in the US in area (98,000 sq miles), but has the lowest population (600,000); it is one of the most important agricultural states in the country, with sugar beet and grain crops amongst the chief commodities produced, but it is also the biggest producer of coal in the US, one of the biggest producers of natural gas and coal bed methane, and crude oil.

Also, Wyomingites have a high regard for the environmental conservation, boasting one of the most famous park lands in the world in Yellowstone Park amongst many, and yet Wyoming recycling remains largely underdeveloped.

There has been improvement, of course, with the state’s recycling rate just 1.7% in 2003, but tripled to 5% within 3 years. Clearly, then recycling in Wyoming is on the rise.

At Northwest Polymers, we are pleased to play a part in the environmental revolution in a state Forbes Magazine counted amongst the Top 10 in air quality, by offering industry and commerce in Wyoming recycle services that make disposing of plastic waste simple and cost-effective.

How we do this is simple, with our fleet of vehicles collecting their unwanted plastic trays, tubs and crates, and transporting them to our state-of-the-art recycling center in Molalla, Oregon. Then, after sorting the waste into their specific plastic resin types, our quality controlled processes then safely recycles them for supply to manufacturing industries in pellet, regrind or pulverized form.

We call this our Value Added service, because we offer more. Not only do we help Wyoming companies comply with state environmental law, we also pay for their plastic scraps, thereby helping to increase revenue as well as remove disposal costs. And with all of the logistical needs dealt with too, our clients are left without a single waste disposal worry.

For more than decade, Northwest Polymers has been taking the complexity out of environmental compliance, letting companies operating in the industry get on with their business obligations. It is no different in The Equality State.

And with the rate of plastic recycling in Wyoming growing all the time, their environmental future is made all the brighter.

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