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Arizona Plastic Recycling

Arizona Plastic Recycling

Northwest Polymers – Enhancing Arizona Recycling Efforts

For most of us, when the state of Arizona and environment are mentioned in the same sentence, we think of one thing: the Grand Canyon. It is, after all, a global icon of natural scenic beauty, as well as geographical proof of the impact the environment we live in can have. So, when it comes to Arizona, recycling both domestic and commercial waste is taken quite seriously.

The foundation of the Arizona Recycling Coalition has helped to ensure a structured approach towards recycling in Arizona in industrial, retail and commercial sectors, as well as in domestically in each county and community. What is more, the approach has enjoyed great success.

In 2009, for example, some 5.4 million tons of waste was recycled in the state, representing 15% of the total domestic and commercial waste generated. The previous year, more was recycled (5.8 million), but it represented 14% of the overall waste recycled – a fact that confirms the waste generation is falling in Arizona too.

Northwest Polymers have been providing industry-leading plastic recycling services to the commercial and industrial sectors in Arizona for a decade. But we do more than simply take care of their plastic disposal needs, providing our clients with a way to reduce costs and increase revenue at the same time.

Businesses in Arizona, recycle with us because we understand the costs they can incur in handling their own scrap plastic. We buy and collect their waste, thereby removing the collection fees other plastic recycling companies charge, and generating revenue to put back into their businesses.

We call this our Value Added service, one that guarantees your plastic waste is responsibly disposed of, and recycled into a selection of plastic resins at our state-of-the-art recycling facility in Oregon. The fact these resins are then sold to manufacturers to satisfy the demand for recycled plastic items, means that several branches of the local economy benefit.

So, through Northwest Polymers, plastic recycling in Arizona is truly as effective and as environmentally beneficial as recycling has been championed to be.

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State of Arizona recycling website https://azdeq.gov/recycling

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