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Recycling in Tacoma

Northwest Polymers – Keeping the Community Green Through Tacoma Recycling

The thick forests that embrace Puget Sound in Washington State provide some of the most striking scenery of the northwest region of America. Keeping it that way despite the large population that lives on the coast, and the busy commercial shipping industry it is famed for, can be something of a battle. But thanks to the efforts of cities like Tacoma, recycling is helping to win the fight.

Tacoma has already earned such national laurels as the 19th most walkable city and one of the most livable places in the US. Certainly, the woodlands offer a real contrast to the urban centers sited around the area; not to mention a welcome escape for the citizens living there. The prominence of numerous park lands – like Point Defiance Park, and Wright Park – mean nature is a much-loved part of life there.

But just as the value of biking, camping, hiking and many other outdoor activities is impossible to underestimate, so too is the significance that environmental activities has to the community. It is hardly surprising then than Plastic recycling in Tacoma is an essential aspect to managing the domestic and commercial waste products by the city’s 200,000 inhabitants.

This is where we get to lend our strengths to the fight for responsible waste management, purchasing the plastic scraps, tubs, trays and even damaged piping, to process at our state-of-the-art recycling facility in Oregon. Then, the high quality recycled plastic resins and specialty polymers that are processed are sold back into the cycle, supplying manufacturers a cost-effective alternative to virgin materials.

We are proud to have established recycling services of the highest standards. Through them, our commercial and industrial clients in Tacoma recycle at no extra cost. Clients selling their plastic waste even increase their revenue, while clients who buy recycled plastic get the highest quality resins available.

We know that our involvement in plastic recycling in Tacoma enhances the ecological campaign that is ongoing there. Both the short and long-term benefits are clear to see, so the Evergreen State can continue to be known as such, in every sense of the phrase.

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